Ducks and Cattle

I got to thinking about what Cliven Bundy has said on the issue of “the Negro” over the last couple of days. And “bam”, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame came rushing back into my political head.

the Negro? Cotton Picking? Slavery?

the Negro? Cotton Picking? Slavery?

The similarities between these two asshats are amazing. Both seem to be focused on picking cotton and slavery. Someone in the GOP should tell Bundy and Robertson black people stopped doing that for free back in 1867. Maybe RNC Chairman Reince Priebus can tell them it’s time to get with the program. After all, he’s the one who issued this autopsy report back in December after President Obama beat Mitt Romney by 5,000,000 votes. Both love the scripture (who knew the Old Testament was so popular these days!).

But to be completely honest, I’m more fascinated in how the GOP has treated Mr. Bundy vs Mr. Robertson.

What did the Republican National Committee say about Phil Robertson? Nothing. Silence as a defense is amazing.

What did Senator Rand Paul say about Robertson? Not much.

Oh and my favorite is Senator Ted Cruz. He defended Robertson to no end. On Bundy, he said his “comments are completely unacceptable.”

I’ll just have to lump in Sarah Pahlin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, both huge defenders of Mr. Robertson. This piece from the Wire kind of sums it all up perfectly.

 But let’s go back to the cotton picking and the slavery because that’s what was said. There’s virtually no difference between Robertson’s and Bundy’s words. Yet, the GOP is now stumbling over themselves for distance from Bundy. This horrid cockroach behavior is sad, scattering around, stumbling over each other when the lights come on. A better analogy is when you’re in a gay bar and it’s closing time. The lights come on and you realize all of a sudden that the dude you’ve been hitting on the last hour is actually butt ugly. But ya know, you gotta just own that right? If he looked good in low light, you gotta own your really really bad judgement.

That’s what the GOP needs to do frankly. They really should just own their people, even the ugly ones. I mean, which bigots do they love, which homophobes do they support, which misogynists do they embrace? Otherwise, Americans are just going to remain confused about a political party that sometimes supports the bygone days of cotton picking.

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