Allen West: America’s GOP Stooge

You know how I like to start columns with the word “so?”

So, former GOP Congressman Allen West (FL) has written a new book and he’s out peddling it to the masses. Actually, he didn’t write any of it. He used a ghost writer. Nonetheless, he’s “on tour” trying to sell his tome. allenwest

There’s just one small problem with West’s book. It’s basically full of misquotes, made up quotes, and lies. George Bennett from the Palm Beach Post did some really thorough research into West’s book and came up with this review that’s just scathing. Now remember, this is the same moron who claimed with great authority that there were 78-81 House Democrats who were members of the Communist party.

He’s also the same guy who lost his re-election after one term in Florida’s 22nd District, this coming after a stellar Army career ending in a forced retirement (well, it was that or be court martialed for beating an Iraqi policeman). What a great American patriot this guy is.

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