Religious Liberty Disguised as Jim Crow

So I’ve been following this whole “religious discrimination” movement going on across the country. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) famously vetoed S.B. 1062, which would’ve allowed any business in Arizona to turn away customers if those customers weren’t up to religious snuff per se. I’ll give Republics (if they insist on calling us the “Democrat party” then fair’s fair right?)  their due when they do the right thing. Brewer did that this time and she deserves full credit for it. So do Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake for opposing the bill.

Seventeen other states however most likely won’t do the right thing. The latest example is the great State of Mississippi which just passed its own version of “religious freedom.” Governor Phil Bryant will most likely sign the bill. Who knew Mississippi would resurrect Jim Crow laws in 2014? I wrote about this a few months back but for some strange reason, I’m still shocked that this keeps happening.

My biggest problem with this sort of thing boils down to this: no one should be able to profit from bigotry. You want to be a private club or school, go for it. Please, I beg you, start yet another all-white school so your children don’t have to go to school with anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them. Raising little Mini-me bigots doesn’t well position your children for the 21st century folks.

But when you’re out there on Main Street peddling your “Made in the Land of Forced Abortions (China)” crosses, then you actually don’t have the right to determine your customers. You’re in the business of commerce not Jesus. You’re in the business of money not churches. If you want to be a mega-church and earn billions, that’s easily doable. Just look at these morons from my home state of South Carolina who peddled Jesus for millions. But in the public arena, you don’t get that luxury. I don’t care how you worship and you shouldn’t care who I marry. My late Aunt Susan once asked me how I reconciled my religious faith with my sexuality. It was a fair question. I calmly replied “Well, when I’m in church, I’m not thinking about screwing and when I’m screwing, I’m most certainly not thinking about church.”

I think we’d be a whole lot better off if corporate America kept its religiosity out of my bedroom. After all, I and millions of others don’t have to spend our progressive gay dollars in your Jim Crow shops. And see, that’s when paying the tuition to that all-white Christian “school” gets a lot tougher to pay.

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